I'm originally from Chicago IL, and currently studying abroad a BSc. in Computer Science as well as perusing a BA. in Global Economics and Management, as my minor, at Jacobs University in Bremen Germany. During the summers I'm based in The Big Apple 🍎 (NYC).

If not studying, I spend my free time programming, traveling with family/friends, exercising, and working towards a private pilots license.

My mentality

If carving a niche in the market or building the next Unicorn company, within the first ten seconds, a user will choose whether to click away. User retention is indispensible to succeed. I design and compose web sites that feel modern while not bloating bundle sizes as every second that passes, could be a lost customer.

  • Fast load time - small & efficient bundle size
  • SEO Optimization - optimize indexing to reach greater audiences
  • Clean and simple (UI & UX) - easy on the eyes as to not overwhelm the user
  • Accessability - a site should function & look good on all screens

My stack

While I have my personal preferences, I'm always looking to learn and experiment with new technologies. Believer that each project has it's own set of tools.

  • ReactJS - NextJS
  • Typescript
  • TailwindCSS
  • framer-motion